The executive management team at DivisionOne boasts a wealth of experience across all construction phases, skillfully balancing the intricacies of day-to-day operations while fostering a familial atmosphere within the company. Operating as a cohesive unit, this seasoned team collaborates closely to make major decisions, ensuring that every perspective is heard and valued.

Clients entrust their projects to DivisionOne with confidence, knowing that each member of this dedicated team is readily accessible and committed to their success. This harmonious blend of expertise, teamwork, and client-centric focus underscores DivisionOne’s reputation for excellence in the construction industry.

Todd Hamby

President, Partner

As a founding partner of DivisionOne, Todd spearheads the project operations of the company with unwavering dedication. Charged with the pivotal task of overseeing project execution, Todd meticulously ensures that every endeavor is characterized by safety, punctuality, and exceeding client expectations.

Drawing upon his wealth of experience and strategic acumen, Todd orchestrates seamless project management workflows that prioritize safety protocols, adhere to stringent timelines, and consistently deliver outcomes that surpass client visions. Under his guidance, DivisionOne thrives as a beacon of reliability and excellence in the construction industry, setting new standards of performance with each successful project completion.


  • Master’s in Business Administration – 2000
    The University of Texas, Pan American, Edinburg, TX
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – 1994
    Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX


  • LEED® AP

25 years of experience

Todd Callaway

CFO, Partner

Todd, one of the founding partners of DivisionOne, assumes a multifaceted role within the company. Primarily entrusted with overseeing all financial and accounting affairs, Todd also shoulders the critical responsibilities of risk management, human resources, office operations, and business development.

With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Todd navigates the intricate landscape of financial management while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and optimizing operational efficiency. Furthermore, his adept handling of risk management safeguards the company’s interests, while his astute leadership fosters growth and sustains a vibrant organizational culture.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting – 1993
    University of Texas at Austin


  • Licensed CPA / LEED® AP


  • CPA, Public and Industrial Accounting Roles
  • 10 years as Manager at Deloitte & Touche

25 years of experience

Zac Koletar

Vice President of Estimating, Partner

Zac embarked on his journey with DivisionOne in June 2012, starting as an Estimator and steadily advancing to the esteemed position of Vice President of Estimating. Over the years, Zac has honed his craft in project estimation, seamlessly navigating from design conception to job commencement. His proficiency encompasses crafting meticulous budgets at various design stages, implementing value engineering strategies, and orchestrating competitive bidding processes.

Leveraging his wealth of experience, Zac fosters fruitful collaborations with stakeholders including owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors. His strategic acumen ensures project delivery within budget constraints while translating the owner’s vision into tangible reality.


  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Science
    Texas A&M University

17+ years of experience

Bruce Casares

Vice President of Operations

Bruce’s construction journey commenced in 1977, marking the inception of a career adorned with diverse roles and rich experience. From superintendent to project engineer, estimator to project manager, and safety director, Bruce has traversed various facets of the industry, garnering invaluable insights along the way.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Operations at DivisionOne, Bruce brings forth a wealth of expertise and a seasoned perspective to the table. In this capacity, he offers astute oversight to all projects under construction, leveraging his multifaceted background to ensure operational excellence. Bruce plays a pivotal role in determining optimal staffing and assembling proficient project teams, orchestrating seamless project management workflows, and coordinating field supervision with finesse.

With Bruce at the helm of operations, DivisionOne navigates the complexities of construction with confidence, delivering outstanding results and upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

40+ years of experience